Below you will find some of the most popular plans that we offer. If you are looking for a full Smart Phone/Tablet solution for Distracted driving control or a full enterprise integration with external cameras and ELD Telematics like Geotab, we've got you covered. Our system is easily configurable to meet your specific needs.

We've listed our features, options and accessories below. Select which plan you want, let us know how many drivers you plan to deploy to, and check any options you want and adjust the quantity. We have prefilled in the options you last used in the Simulator for your convenience, but you may remove them if you wish.

PLEDGE is designed to provide a complete Distracted Driving solution for companies small to large, BYOD or corporate-owned device.

With 78.5 million mobile workers in our workforce today, our system can deliver what is needed to keep each one safer and productive.

But, don't take our word for it. Test and configure your personalized solution today. Go to the Simulator to get started!

🔎 PLEDGE Basic is configured for the companies without layers of management. This will provide you with everything you need to control the Distracted Driving of your mobile workforce.

🔎 PLEDGE Pro provides your organization with a complete Risk Management Package delievered from the Smart Phone. Turns your Smart Phone into a full telematic reporting system and full Dash Camera system as well.

🔎 For the large companies that have existing equipment, PLEDGE Enterprise pulls together the Phone control, External Cameras for further Risk Management and Geotab for full Risk Management and safety.

Phone App

Android & iPhone Supported

Associate PLEDGE is designed to limit unsafe use of mobile devices through a smartphone agent based on your company safe driving policy and enforce it to help you set and maintain your culture of safety.

Associate PLEDGE Provides company with the ability to set their policy on safe driving and have it enforced, know when drivers are tampering or have breached the company policy in real time. Finally, it informs the drivers on what they can do to drive safer next time. Please click here for more information.

Android & iPhone Supported

Violation Management

🔎 VMS provides the company with the ability to prove they are effectively monitoring, coaching and continuously enforcing their culture of safety.

It captures what event happened, presents it for investigation, keeps track of time to ensure the company closes it out in a timely manner, and developes clear analysis for reconstruction of what happened.

Smart Menu

🔎 Smart Menus reduces your total cost of ownership of your mobile environment by providing a simple screen to manage access and usage of other apps and settings on the device itself.

We Message Safe is an Android-only app (others coming soon) that provides family with the ability to communicate with the driver safely.

Live Drive

Motion Based, Real time Communication System to reach the driver safely when needed.

Live Drive provides the Driver Manager to reach the driver safer. Using Live Drive the manager can:

  1. Set off a tone on the phone to inform the driver something urgent has happened and they need to engage
  2. By using the Tones, Drivers are never distracted by words. The entire message will come down from our server once the driver is stopped.

  3. Know if the driver is driving, how fast and where they are
  4. Create messages to be read later or


🔎 Use the phone's sensors to detect hard driving events, including hard turns, hard braking and hard acceleration, triggering notifications for coaches to use to help drivers drive more safely.

Driver Score Card

End of day reports go out to management and drivers so everyone can see the daily driving safety score and what can be done to improve the next day.

Phone Cameras

🔎 Think of how great your camera on your phone is! It has the ability to capture events based on motion and rate of acceleration or deceleration. When properly mounted with a GPS Lockbox (see below), it can also capture hard turns and hard braking. You decide how many seconds of video, before and after, which lets you see what really happened.

Functionality of a full Dash Camera for a fraction of the cost because you already have the hardware

Note: Phone cameras are currently only accessible on Android devices. You'll need an auxiliary camera like SurfSight for video capture with iOS devices.

Why was there a hard brake, and how do we prevent this from happening again?

🔎 One screen provides the answer across your entire fleet and safety systems and brings it all into focus. Periscope lets you see all the details around a vehicle event, such as a collision. Telematics and videos from all cameras and attached systems are presented so you can understand what happened.

Self Coaching

🔎 Hover for expansion of screen and viewing of the complete solution that is designed to close out many of the driver violations without the involvement or time commitment of management.

Enterprise Accessory Integration

🔎 With our new enterprise platform, connect anything with an IP address to anything, and let them talk to each other and tell you what you need to know to stop bad things from happening before they do.

Advanced Face Mask detection for drivers who transport passengers or make deliveries. For passenger vehicles, you will need a secure dash mount for your phone, such as a GPS Lockbox. Package delivery verification happens at package delivery outside the vehicle.

With Dynamic Call Routing, callers trying to reach a driver are greeted with the best customer service you could ever have. Imagine, you call the driver and hear: the person you are trying to reach is driving right now, press 1 to be transferred to their assistant for help, or 2 to leave a voice mail. You the caller now are empowered to decide what to do and you know for the first time that the person is driving.

In the rare event that the driver needs to be interrupted the assistant can set off a tone on the phone that indicates to the driver they need to pull over and engage in something important.

🔎 The GeoZone feature lets you set up geofences around work locations and automatically track when your drivers enter and exit those locations.

Effective mobile device management solutions offer advanced capabilities to keep up with the ever-changing mobile landscape. Enterprise IT and security leaders must manage laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Having adequate visibility and management over a broad range of devices and operating systems may seem challenging but can be addressed when the right strategy and tools are in place.

GEOTAB's OBD-II module gives you important telematics from the vehicle ranging from driver actions, cabin sensors and vehicle safety sensors.

🔎 Safely mount your phone or tablet to the dash with a GPS Lockbox. This gives you new features, including access to safer, handsfree calling.

🔍 SurfSight captures video of the road ahead and, with advanced intelligence, identifies distracted driving with its cabin view camera.

🔎 Include up to 4 Garmin cameras around your vehicle to capture 360 so you know everything you need to know.

🔎 BlueParrott Bluetooth headsets offer another safe, handsfree alternative to allow you to communicate with your drivers.

Check the box to display a list of headset options

BlueParrott B550-XT

The world’s first 100% voice-controlled headset, engineered for superior calls in high-noise environments. This special headset is paired with the PortNexus PLEDGE app to ensure hand free compliance. Driver wearing the headset will be allowed to use it hand free, if not on the drivers head, call will go to voice mail.

  • Industry-leading noise cancellation. Blocks out 96% of background noise.
  • All-day conversations. Over 24 hours of talk time.
  • Just talk. Voice-controlled calls. Multiple functions can be voice controlled for hands-free use.
  • All-day comfort. Lightweight design for comfort throughout the day.
  • Rugged design. Built to last. IP54-rated for water and dust resistance.
  • Quick control, the way you want it. Customize your favorite features with the Parrott Button™
  • Digital Assistant compatible. One-touch access to Google Assistant™ and Siri®.

BlueParrott B450-XT/B450-XT MS

Advanced noise-cancelling headset with upgraded comfort and secure fit

  • Industry-leading noise cancellation. Blocks out 96% of background noise.
  • Up to 24 hours of talk time. Keep talking with long-lasting battery life.
  • MS Model works with Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie. Delivers seamless Walkie Talkie collaboration.
  • Customizable Parrott Button™. Enable fast access to your favorite features including Push-to-Talk. B450-XT MS comes with Parrott Button pre-programmed for access to Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie.
  • Padded headband and cushioned earcup. Secure fit and all-day comfort.
  • Tough, IP54-rated design. IP54-rated protection against dust and moisture.
  • VoiceControl™ Answer or reject calls with just your voice.
  • USB-C charging. One charger for all your devices is a lot more convenient.
  • Walk and talk. Up to 300 feet/100 meters wireless range from paired Bluetooth® devices.
  • Get more from your headset. Select features and update firmware via the BlueParrott App.
  • Large buttons. Easy to locate and press buttons.

BlueParrott C300-XT/C300-XT MS

Compact noise-cancelling headset with a choice of three wearing styles

  • Industry-leading noise cancellation. Blocks out 80% of background noise.
  • Up to 10 hours of talk time. Keep talking with long-lasting battery life.
  • MS Model works with Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie. Delivers seamless Walkie Talkie collaboration.
  • Customizable Parrott Button™. Enable fast access to your favorite features including Push-to-Talk. C300-XT MS comes with Parrott Button pre-programmed for access to Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie.
  • Choice of wearing styles. Ear hook, neckband and headband wearing styles are included.
  • Tough, IP65-rated design. Dust and water tight protection.
  • VoiceControl™ Answer or reject calls with just your voice.
  • Walk and talk. Up to 300 feet/100 meters wireless range from paired Bluetooth® devices.

BlueParrott B350-XT

Heavyweight noise cancellation meets lightweight comfort

  • Industry-leading noise cancellation. Blocks out 96% of background noise.
  • All-day conversations. Over 24 hours of talk time.
  • Customizable Parrott Button™. Customize your favorite features and control the headset your way.
  • Improved headband. New, wider headband, for added comfort and all-day wear.
  • Tough, IP54-rated design. Tough enough for life on the road, with IP54-rated protection against dust and moisture.
  • VoiceControlTM. Answer or reject calls with just your voice, keeping your hands free.
  • Large, easy-to-press buttons. Large buttons are easy to locate and press, for maximum ease of use.
  • Improved wireless range. Now with a range of up to 300 feet/ 100 meters from paired Bluetooth® devices.

BlueParrott C400-XT

Superior noise cancellation with choice of two wearing styles

  • Industry-leading noise cancellation. Blocks out 80% of background noise.
  • Up to 24 hours of talk time. Keep talking with long-lasting battery life.
  • Customizable Parrott Button™. Enable fast access to your favorite features including Push-to-Talk.
  • Choice of wearing styles. Both neckband and headband wearing styles are included.
  • Tough, IP54-rated design. Protection against dust and moisture.
  • VoiceControl™ Answer or reject calls with just your voice.
  • Walk and talk. Up to 300 feet/100 meters wireless range from paired Bluetooth® devices.
  • Flexible boom. Adjustable for the best fit.

Bluvision Beacons offer you an ability to lock the phone when the driver enters the vehicle.

NFC tags can be used to start a safe drive and also acknowledge security policy. Great for temproary drivers!

Grabba biometric sensors can authenticate your driver and give you logistics management capabilities tag and barcode readers.

🔎 Extend your driver's vision in fog and other inclement weather to avoid accidents in poor visibility conditions.

Need a rugged device? We parter with Sonim to bring you the most rugged and reliable Android devices out there.

Choose a plan, and we'll contact you about your carrier.

Select phones and tablets (we'll contact you for specifics)

Select phones and tablets (we'll contact you for specifics)

🔎 Hover on features for detailed description

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Phone App Violation Management Smart Menu We Message Safe LiveDrive Telematics (Hard Driving) Driver Score Card Phone Dash Cameras Periscope Self-Coaching Enterprise Accessory Integration

Feature Options

Face Mask Detection Dyanmic Call Routing GeoZone

Device Management & Security

IBM MaaS360


SurfSight Camera Garmin Cameras Mobile Phone Cameras


GPS Lockbox For What Device? Tablet Brand Model Phone Brand Model Mount type: Permanent Bolted Suction Magnetic Temporary Suction Magnetic Accessories Stand Mic Button Cooler (Atmos)


Choose a Headset PLEDGE Integrated, B550-XT Microsoft TEAMS Integrated, B450-XT MS Microsoft TEAMS Integrated, C300-XT MS Standard Bluetooth/PTT- B450-XT Standard Bluetooth/PTT- B350-XT Standard Bluetooth/PTT- C400-XT Standard Bluetooth/PTT- C300-XT


OBD-II bluvision Beacon NFC Tags

Smart Devices

Android Phone Tablet iOS Phone Tablet


Need Carrier Plans Voice Data Voice/Data Bundle

Telematics & Other

ScanTool Telematics Grabba Safe Drive Radar

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ROI Calculator

Risk Management How many drivers do you have? How many at-fault crashes have you had in the past year? Is the trend up or down?
How many injuries? The lowest cost that an injury is rated at is $74,000. Would you like to use this number, or a different one for your company? How many deaths? The lowest cost that a death is rated at is $1m. Would you like to use this number, or a different one for your company?
Coaching has become a significant need and cost to the organization. Use the following to identify what Coaching effectively costs your company today. How many times a month does a driver need coaching to protect the company by proving you are effectively monitoring your drivers? How many minutes on average per coaching event do you spend?


Investigating what happened Risk event Crash event Coaching the driver Risk event Crash event Documenting the event Risk event Crash event Annual Review The average pay for a Driver Manager is? The average pay for a Safety Manager is? What is the average you pay for a claim to close it out for nuisance? How many did you have in the last 12 months?
How are you managing the risk?


What is your level of self-retention before excess insurance responds? Do you use Captive as part of your self-retention?


What is your cost per vehicle per year? How many vehicles do you have covered? Have you spoken with your insurance broker to see if they offer a discount for PLEDGE or Telematics?

Since deployment in November of 2019, it has assisted in lowering the instances of distracted driving incidents across our Fleet of company vehicles.  Also provides ease of use, daily reporting features and excellent customer service.

Over the past few years, PLEDGE has provided a sense of security that our drivers are not distracted which is invaluable today.

The service we receive is exceptional and the systems work. We have had No at fault crashes since deployed.

Post deployment in 2012 we saw a 31% drop in the first 30 days and since a 93% reduction in Incidents.

PLEDGE is one of the reasons we have cut our loss ratio in half and grown to a billion dollar company over the past 5 years.

Calculate my projected savings based on the past 12 month experience

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PLEDGE with Self Coaching reduces or removes risk events and reduces accidents and fatalities overall.
Cost savings are based on the PLEDGE license only. Select the GET QUOTE button at the top of the site to select accessories and add-on features and complete your cost analysis.

Welcome to PortNexus! We are all about providing you the ability to monitor your driver’s safety compliance and thereby increase accident prevention while at the same time reducing your exposure to vicarious liability lawsuits resulting from distracted drivers and other unsafe driving actions.

🔎 PLEDGE Overview- hover to expand

  • Handsfree Control
  • Optimized for Push to Talk Safe controls
  • Safe device access while in motion
  • Ensure device is safely docked
  • Safe Communication
  • Driver distracted by mobile device?
  • Driver cut off by another driver?
  • Are any tires underinflated?
  • Was there a lane departure right before?
  • Daily Driver Automated Coaching Report
  • Maintenance Factors
  • Mobile Device Usage
  • Video Analysis
  • Secure and Private sharing

Our product suite, gives you the tools you need to be able to remotely but in real time monitor your drivers and help them to improve their driving habits. Your safety record will improve and you'll be able to show due diligence in reducing the risk in a systematic, programmatic way.

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It is easier to quit smoking than stop phone use while driving. AND we ALL got it wrong as to why! Watch this excerpt from the interview with a driver just like yours talk candidly why.

Use our interactive simulator to try out our product and features for yourself!

Start My Test Drive- Launch Simulator

Test Drive PLEDGE in out Simulator

Play Demo
Let Me Drive
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Calling driver...

Without Dynamic Call Routing (DCR), calls to the driver while in motion simply go to voicemail. With DCR, you get routed to a person that can help you or relay your message to the driver in a safe manner.

Since the driver is in motion, your call will go to normal voicemail.

Since the driver is not in motion, your call has been sent as a normal call (simulated).

Since you have selected a Smart Mount, xandsfree calls can be made to the driver. This will also work if they are using a bluetooth headset at the time of the call.

A normal voicemail has been left. The driver will receive it when they stop driving.

Support handles

Let somebody in support handle your issue.


Alert Driver

Support has taken your message and is sending an urgent alert tone to the driver, so they can pull over and get your message.

Texted driver...

Since the driver is in motion, your text message will be supressed and delivered later. You will get an instant reply stating "I am driving and will get your message when I stop"

Since the driver is not in motion, your text message will go through just like a normal text message.

Car cuts off driver

Obstacle in road

Transporting Passengers

Take Mask Off

Deliver a Package

Take Mask Off

Make a Delivery

Face Mask Detection is not yet available on iOS. Click here to be notified when it is.

These tabs contain groups of "violation injectors" used to simulate distractions and policy violations to demonstrate policy enforcement and risk mitigation.
Keep your eye on the driver's phone to see how it acts while under control of your business rules

By tapping Not Driving, your driver is indicating they are a passenger in the vehicle. This will return full control of the phone. However, this is a logged activity, which allows you to look for patterns of abuse


Keep your eye on the driver's phone to see how it acts while under control of your business rules
Front-back camera mounted on the windshield provides bi-direcitonal video recording
Smart Mount- securely mount the driver's phone on the dash
Click on the arrows to create Hard Left and Hard Right turn events.
Hover on gas and brake to increment speed smoothly. Click on them to create hard accelerate and hard brake events.
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You need to set up an account first. Please click NEXT and follow the steps in the wizard.

Link Simulation to your real phone

Once you are comfortable with how our product works, you can take it to the next level by setting it up on your real phone.

When you clear this information panel, you'll be able to create an account and set up your own phone and follow the deployment instructions. If you by chance already have an account, just log in with your uer ID.

Once this simulator is linked to your phone, your phone will take the place of the phone on the screen. Your phone will be put in simulation mode and will appear as it really does if you were driving. You can do this from the safety of your desk, right now.

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  1. Get out your Android phone (iOS coming soon for real Simulation)
  2. Change the switch on the right hand side to the Portnexus Portal from Simulation
  3. Set up your complementary trial account
  4. Install PLEDGE on your personal Android phone (iOS simulation coming soon)
  5. Confirm your phone number is correct
  6. Click Link on the Virtual phone screen to connect your real world phone to the virtual world
  7. Now use the simulator to drive again and watch your real world phone! It's alive!

Welcome to our Simulator where in the comfort of your desk and chair you can configure, test drive and experiment with configurations based on your business rules to see how our solution will help stop the Distracted Driving. This will walk you through the various options and use cases.

Click to continue...

The left side of the simulator is the Driver Side. It contains the simulator cab of the vehicle, steering and pedal controls, plus some of the optional accessories and features. There is a phone, which shows how the drivers phone will behave, and a set of event triggers you can use to simulate real-world events.

Click to continue...

This whole area is the vehicle, which contains the gas & brake pedals, speedometer, steering wheel and several accessory options.

Click to continue...

The Pedals

The pedals are used to control the speed of your simulated vehicle. Hovering over the pedals with your mouse will increment the speed by 1mph. Clicking on the pedals will accelerate or decelerate you by 5mph, and is used to simulate a Hard Brake Event or Hard Acceleration Event. The clutch is not used. The speedometer shows your speed and tops out at 100mph, and max safe speed limit is set to 65mph for the simulation.

An optional OBD-II device is shown. Without it, the driver's phone will lock at a preset 8mph for this simulation. If you have an OBD-II device in use (required for iPhones), the phone will lock immediately at 1mph.

Click to continue...

Cab View

You are now sitting in the driver's seat with the engine running. Before you start driving, add the options that you want to see how they work. The GPS Lockbox will hold your mobile device in place and allow it to become a full telematic and dash camera solution all in one.

Decide how you want PLEDGE to take control, GPS (set at 8 mph for demo purpose) or OBD to start control with engine speed or movement.

As you press the gas and start driving, the screen will accelerate normally and you now can test everything from the hard turns (by clicking on the arrows) to the hard brake and hard accelerations.

Next you will learn how to test out the various phone configurations to stop the driver distraction from calls and texts.

And after that, magic will start!

Click to continue...

Driver's Phone

In simulation mode, this phone will respond to your commands from the pedals, switches, selections and add-ons. You can experience the basic configuration that starts to control the phone based on GPS at 8 mph or with an OBD, it will start with acceleration of the vehicle (1mph).

If you select iPhone, the OBD-II option to the right will also select, since it is required for iOS devices. The simulated phone is interactive and if you click the big red button, you will experience what the drivers experience, which depends on your business rules. At any time you can exit back to the PLEDGE lock screen by clicking on the bottom of the phone (where the Android Home key is), or slow down below 8 mph (0mph if using OBD-II). While you are interacting with the buttons on the phone screen or the Simulator, you will see the violations show up on the admin panel to the right. Give it a try and then get ready for magic!

Click to continue...

Distraction, Event and Face Mask Panel

How much do you trust your drivers willpower to ignore the temptations caused by mobile devices while they are in motion? What happens if they break your policy, or if they try to? What happens if someone trys to reach them while their driving? Here you can test the results of the distraction see the reporting on the right side of the Simulator and see how the settings affect the Safety of the Driver and the company.

PLEDGE is a full risk management system complete with Coaching and documentation of these events. Experiment here to see how and watch the right screen for reporting of coaching events. Don’t forget to click the buttons in the event list on the right screen to see the image of action.

We've included our newly launched Face Mask Detection Solution for you to test as well. Please give it a try and let us know what you think.

Now get ready for the magic!

Click to continue...

Admin Panel and PortNexus Portal

The admin terminal shows a simulation of driver events and violations in a list, along with photos and videos of the violation, where applicable. We do not simulate the entire backend here, but nearly every parameter and threshold is settable when you set up your account. We've used the system defaults for the simulation. Hovering over the screen will expand it for readability.

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PLEDGE Mobile Introduction
Driver Manager
Investigation with Periscope
Driver Self-Coaching