PortNexus Corporation Press Release



2/26/2016, Hollywood, FL

PortNexus announces formation of a Distracted Driving Risk Managed Services Division and has named Robert Smedberg who is a nationally recognized Risk and Safety expert, the Director of this new service.

With over 40 years as a recognized Risk and Safety expert for major corporations, Robert Smedberg has agreed to share his knowledge and expertise to help stop the epidemic of Distracted Driving in Corporate America using the PortNexus PLEDGE suite of Risk Management tools.

PortNexus Corporation has developed a software platform that enables companies to stop distracted driving risks for their companies. This system incorporates predictive Analytics to determine who is putting them at risk, why they are at risk and what to do to stop the risk.

Companies are using PLEDGE to increase EBITA by reducing the number of incidents and lowering the cost of claims.

Insurance companies use PLEDGE to reduce the costs and frequency of claims and gain business by lowering their costs to customers.

PortNexus Corporation is a South Florida technology company making the mobile and virtual environment smarter, safer, and more productive. To keep our roads safe and to protect businesses from liabilities, PortNexus provides a patent pending distracted driving suite of risk and driver management solutions for the mobile workforce.

The flagship of the PortNexus product line is PLEDGE. Pledge enables a company to remotely enforce its mobile device policy in real-time and to identify employees who are putting themselves, others and the corporation at risk. Marketed by wireless carriers and hardware manufactures, PLEDGE is built upon patent pending technology that aligns corporate distracted driving policies with the functions of the mobile device while in motion. The technology seamlessly integrates into various mobile platforms and reports violations to a central system for forensic and corporate management purposes.


For more information contact sales@portnexus.com