The PLEDGE Management Console - Overview


The PLEDGE Management Console

Overview of the Associate Pledge management console tabsLogin to the management and the basic screen elements display as follows:

(1) The Individual tab is for data retrieval using an individual mobile telephone number.

(2) The Departments tab allows data retrieval for an individual mobile telephone number by selecting an individual employee from a list of employees within specific departments.

(3) The Watch Dogs tab allows driver violations to be reported to  supervisors by e-mail and/or text in real time or by a daily summary.

(4) The Features Menu tab accesses a menu to select specific  functions based on device type.

(5) The Settings tab  accesses a menu to select operating parameters.

(6) The Test GPS On/Off tab accesses a deployment tool to check GPS status upon application installation.

(7) The Live Drive tab allows access to driver monitoring features in real time including driver location, travel progress, communication tools, and device status/management.

If your company has purchased additional features more elements will be available for extended functionality.



Overview Functionality by Management Job Description

Associate Pledge console access by management job description


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