Enterprise PLEDGE

PLEDGE will monitor and restrict the use of mobile phones when driving.  Businesses own a vicarious liability for employees use of mobile devices. Even with a corporate policy for how employees are supposed to use devices while driving, companies are essentially blind to employee compliance until an accident happens – and by that point it is too late to protect the company from a lawsuit.

Associate PLEDGE is breakthrough technology from that empowers companies to get in front of the problem and increase visibility into how employees are behaving when driving. Associate PLEDGE enables the company to be in a proactive position to better enforce mobile device policy and identify employees who are putting the corporation, themselves and others in jeopardy due to device usage when driving.

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Safety While Driving

Associate PLEDGE is designed to limit unsafe use of mobile devices through a smartphone agent that:

  • Restricts the use of handsets while in motion
  • Monitors GPS location and phone usage
  • Provides 911 access
  • Provides real-time notification of activity that breaks corporate mobile device usage policy

Productivity While In-Motion

Associate PLEDGE that your mobile workforce stays productive when in-motion:

  • Safe operations with Bluetooth headsets are allowed
  • 'I am a passenger' usage is allowed
  • Incoming messages and calls during ‘locked down’ travel are not lost

Enforce Your Safe Driving Policy

Associate PLEDGE empowers the corporation to know "who, what, where, when and how fast" and to limit unacceptable behavior by:

  • Capturing usage information:  use of Bluetooth, phone, and received or placed calls from Smartphones
  • Capturing location  information via GPS
  • Providing an audit trail for accountability around mobile device policy usage

Providing a web-based dashboard for reporting and setting safety policies

Supported Mobile Devices

  • Apple® iOS™ – iPhone® and iPAD®
  • Android™– smartphones and tablets
  • RIM®/Blackberry® - smartphones

Protect Your Company and Your Community

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